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Aquapax Mineral Water - Multi-award winning Aquapax is one of the purest natural mineral waters in the world, naturally low in all minerals, with a near perfect neutral pH balance and practically no (trace) nitrates.​ #ditchtheplastic

Rendalls Original Gin - ​Throughout the Second World War, Captain Frank Edgcumbe-Rendle of the 16th Light Cavalry, Indian Army, fought bravely for the British Empire. Such exertions brought on a profound thirst regularly slaked with a gin made by Captain Frank to his own secret recipe. The distinctive flavour and appealing pink hue of Rendle's Original Gin comes from a blend of the finest herbs and spices from India and the Orient. 

Chocolate & Love - Chocolate and Love is award-winning organic Fairtrade chocolate.

Naturelly​ - ​Naturelly Jelly Juice, the fruity snack that’s sweet by nature with nothing naughty added! Ideal for travel.

XVI English Sparkling Wine -​ ​The Sixteen Ridges vineyard was planted in 2007 under the careful guidance of Simon Day. Following extensive research and expansive knowledge of the soils and climate in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, the 6 acre vineyard was planted with Pinot Noir. A variety which is not only known and loved my many connoisseur, but thrives in the UK climate.


Sin Gluten Free Goodies​ - Our gluten free goodies are popular with both wheat intolerant people and those eating a normal diet – because the carefully developed recipes taste great.  The mission is –  taste first, gluten free second.​

Cidersmiths - We believe in cider, we love cider, always have done always will do.  Cider is part of our national heritage, it’s a cause for celebration.  Wanting everyone to enjoy cider as much as we do is probably a bit too big a challenge but if we can help a few people to try and enjoy it then that’s a decent start...​

Kingsland Wines & Spirits​ - The UK’s premier independent supplier of wine and spirits, specialising in providing a complete supply chain solution – from the vine to the shelf.

Champagne Drappier​ -  A family-owned Champagne House since 1808​.   Distributed in over 92 countries. Now available in Duty Free and Travel retail.

Le Brun de Neuville Champagne​ - All our champagnes are made respecting our finest Champagne traditions, the emblematic Chardonnay the main grape variety of our vineyard, expresses itself in subtle tones and finesse.

Dictador - International award winning brand Dictador combines age-old Colombian traditions with innovative, European and Japanese designs to create perfect rum and gin that is rich in both flavour and style.

Three Sixty Vodka - THREE SIXTY’s premium vodka is four times distilled and utilises a patented diamond dust filter as part of the filtration process granting it status as being considered one of the purest and smoothest vodkas in the world. 

Dangerous Don Mexcal​ - Mezcal is the godfather of agave spirits and its complexity and variation is something truly amazing. The artisanal process and craftsmanship of the producers combined with the harvesting and distilling of living plants makes mezcal a totally unique spirit.

Fallen Angel Drinks​ - ​The first liquid in the Fallen Angel genus is a seven times distilled British Grain vodka bottled in its naked form of purity and perfection. Divergent in character, but driven by imagination in its creation.​

Hofmeister Helles - Reinvented the taste of Hofmeister to make it a 100% genuine slow-brewed Bavarian Helles lager.

Scavi & Ray -The SCAVI & RAY Winery from northern Veneto is the umbrella brand for Italian premium wines, typified by elegant design and outstanding grape quality. 

Pistonhead Lager - Pistonhead has been crafted by specialist brew masters at the awesome "Brutal Brewing" workshop in Sweden since 2011. They are serious about brewing but not serious about much else. The simple mission is to create great brews and have fun.

Cazcabel Tequila - In a dusty, hidden corner of the Jalisco Mountains, a medicine man known as Don Cazcabel has become a legend. Famous for his natural tonics, Don Cazcabel, is a healer with powers that atrract Mexicans from hundreds of miles around. ​

Ron Legendario - First produced in a distillery in Havana, Cuba in 1946 and now in six other distilleries across the Caribbean island; Legendario boasts a collection of six rums that are carefully crafted by means of traditional methods, using secret formulas based upon a time-aged alcohol base and aged in American oak barrels.